Benefits of Renting a Mercedes Sprinter RV


When planning a family road trip or camping excursion, the vehicle that’ll take you there is as important as the journey you lay out. Picking the right RV can seem daunting for someone unfamiliar with them, but Mercedes Sprinter RV rentals present an easy and appealing option. Many rentals and dealers offer customized campers based on converted Sprinters, and you can expect a quality getaway in one.

Easy to Drive

Mercedes vehicles offer a smooth and pleasant ride, and the Sprinter is no exception. These RVs glide down the highway, cruising so easily you won’t even wake any sleeping passengers. In parks and towns, the Sprinter is nimble and handles exceptionally for a vehicle its size, so you don’t have to worry for safety when making a rest stop. Most dealerships will let you take the RV for a test drive before you make a decision, allowing you to verify the vehicle’s capabilities.

Some luxury Mercedes Sprinter rentals have a higher gas mileage than the base model, as well. The standard is a modest 18 mpg, but some dealers let you enjoy a more fuel-efficient drive, which means less time and money spent at the tank, and more time making memories in nature and on the road.

Travel in Comfort and Style

Already spacious enough in its original form, Mercedes Sprinter RV rentals feature expanded and renovated interiors to take the comforts of home with you on the open road. A living area with room to relax, a dining space featuring the essentials for preparing meals away from home, and even a restroom so you don’t have to stop for bathroom breaks – these are just some of the features that you can expect from a Sprinter rental. You can even find seating that converts to a fold-out bed, so you and your family can get a good night’s sleep anywhere.

Luxury Conversion Features

Luxury Mercedes Sprinter rentals can offer even more with the right conversions. Each model adds something new so you can find the one that’s perfect for you and your family. One example of an exclusive feature that’s worth seeking out is a sliding door that opens up the RV’s interior. The additional space this offers, along with the wide view, is perfect for camping – eat and relax in comfort and style while enjoying a scenic display and feeling the openness of the outdoors. Other appealing additions include expanded lounges, decked out baths and showers, and on-board entertainment systems with TVs and quality sound systems to keep the kids entertained on the highway.

Try Before You Buy

One often unspoken aspect of Mercedes Sprinter RV rentals is the “try before you buy” concept. For the adventurous families that make road trips a regular part of their vacations, buying an RV may be worth considering. A rental lets you experience what the Sprinter has to offer so you can make a more informed decision on purchasing one. Many of the converted models on the market can also be found both as rentals and as long-term purchases.

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