Velour vs. Faux Leather: Which Style Fits You Best?

If you are choosing the next car seat covers for your vehicle, it’s important to consider what the materials they are made from might say about your style. There are two main car seat materials used in today’s seat covers, and they are velour and faux leather. While they will both do a great job protecting your original upholstery while adding style and comfort to your drive, they each make a different impression on people who see them.

Faux Leather Seat Covers

Velour seat covers used to be known as the more colorful selection, but today’s faux leather covers give them a run for their money, with color varieties and unique patterns that use today’s manufacturing methods and the limitless ability to work with the material coloring as faux leather is manufactured to deliver striking looks that even real leather can’t achieve. Faux leather’s main selling benefits are:

  • Gain the texture of leather without the cost and maintenance
  • Water repellent
  • Elastic
  • Smooth finish

The appeal of faux leather works particularly well when it is in counterpoint to another material, especially fabric. That makes it a great choice if you are driving a vehicle that has upholstered door interiors. It also complements wood interiors very well.

Velour Seat Covers

Velour provides a kind of luxurious softness that few other materials can mimic, which makes it a great counter to the options offered by faux leather seat covers. Check out your velour options if you are looking for something:

  • That screams comfort
  • That can have any print or design
  • That will be warm in the winter
  • That will not be sticky in the heat of the summer
  • That has a fluffy texture under you


There are strong reasons to go with each seat cover, but in the end it is about personal style. What is going to be the most comfortable choice you can make for your vehicle? And does it give you the curb appeal you want?

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