Winter-Ready: Tips to Prevent Rust This Coming Winter

Car maintenance can cost a pretty penny. Things feel worse when you know that some of the issues your car is going through could have been prevented like the ones linked to weather. The following are some weather-related problems you need to pay attention to and try to prevent.

Rust is Your Enemy

One major issue many have to deal with is rust, and it can affect your car in many different ways. For one, it can attack the exterior of your car, creating a pretty visible discoloration or even gaping holes. Furthermore, it can also create problems on the undercarriage of your car, which could affect things like your fuel lines.

The following are a few ways you can prevent some of these issues:


The road is constantly treated during the winter with a deicing solution. This solution ends up touching the metal on the exterior of your car, which leads to rust. You want to make sure that this does not happen, so it is vital that you clean your car as soon as you can, or just avoid driving it during the winter as much as possible.


Remember that salt from the road? Well, it can affect the undercarriage of your car, too. What is worse is that this area of the vehicle is often overlooked. You might clean your car but forget to deal with the undercarriage, which is important. Do your best to ensure this area is treated whenever you drive in the snow; just to make sure there is no danger of rust forming.


Rust can be created from the inside, too, whenever you step into the car with your snowy boots. Your boots can have some of the solution that damages metal, which you are letting into your car. The solution will seep through the carpets and start to damage your car from the inside out. This is the reason you need something like Weathertech floor mats to help prevent this from happening. You cannot do much about the solution sticking to your shoes, but this prevents the snow and moisture from seeping through your carpets.

Being Unprepared

Another issue is that some drivers do not prepare for the winter. You need to wash your car before the winter hits. You need to also apply protective layers to the car’s paint and the car’s undercarriage before the winter comes. Trying to do this beforehand can significantly reduce the chances of you ever dealing with rust. Rust is hard to repair if its overlooked for too long and can severely lower the value of your car.

These are just some of the things you have to worry about during the winter and some of the ways that you can resolve them. Of course, there may be more to do, and you can talk to your mechanic about that just in case you are missing something. You don’t want to leave your car in a vulnerable position.

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