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Top Reasons You Need Non-Owners Insurance Coverage

Once you realize just how expensive it can be to own a car, then you can better understand why people who don’t have cars aren’t really complaining. They don’t have to deal with car payments, fuel costs, expenses for accessories, and maintenance costs. They may not even have to deal with expensive insurance coverage, but this isn’t really accurate. They may still purchase non-owners insurance coverage.

If you don’t own a car, this kind of coverage may actually make sense to you. Getting non-owners insurance makes sense if any of the following situations apply to you:

  1. You often borrow your neighbor/ sibling/ parent’s car. Now if you do get involved in an at-fault accident, the usual scenario is that your neighbor’s insurance will pay for your medical expenses. But these expenses may be greater than the limits of their policy. With non-owners insurance, you can get extra coverage for the remainder of the medical bills.
  2. This policy offers you coverage when you don’t borrow the same cars frequently. Usually, when you tend to borrow a neighbor’s car or your parents’ car a lot, it makes more sense to have you listed as a driver on their insurance policies. But this non-owners policy makes more sense when you tend to borrow different cars from different friends. This is especially helpful when you’re the “designated driver” at parties, and you tend to drive home the car of your most inebriated buddy.
  3. You rent a car often. When you do rent a car, you’re also normally required to buy physical damage and liability coverage from the rental company. This can be rather expensive. But you can reduce the expense with your non-owners policy because you won’t have to get the liability part from the rental company insurance.
  4. Insurance may be a requirement to get your driver’s license. This all depends on the requirements of your particular state, but some states require some sort of insurance before you can receive or reinstate your driver’s license. This type of insurance can satisfy this requirement, and it’s great because this type of insurance is generally much cheaper than a regular car-owner’s insurance.
  5. You don’t want a gap in your insurance coverage. Let’s say you sold your car and you’re saving up for a new one in a year or so. This means that for the meantime you don’t have a car, and therefore you’re not paying for car insurance. This leaves a gap in your insurance coverage, and that’s problematic. A gap often leads to higher rates when you do get insurance coverage again.

It doesn’t make sense to keep paying expensive car insurance just to avoid having gaps in your coverage. It makes better sense to switch to a non-owner’s policy, as you avoid having a gap and you pay a lot less for insurance. Once you do buy yourself a new car, you may then be eligible for discounts once you switch to your regular car insurance.

Of course, there are some situations when this type of insurance doesn’t really make sense at all. If you own a car, obviously a non-owners policy won’t do. If you’re a frequent borrower of a particular car, it’s better if you’re listed as a driver on the car owner’s insurance policy. If you’re using a vehicle for business, then perhaps you should check out a commercial non-owner’s policy instead.

But for most non-owners who tend to drive different cars every now and then, having non-owners insurance coverage makes perfect sense. So do the right thing and get a non-owners policy just to be on the safe side.

Building Materials Used Inside The Home And The Military

You may be surprised to find that some of the materials used to build your home are also being used by the military to protect your home.

Here are some of the applications of various materials in building military vehicles and the home.

1. Acoustic insulation

Foams made out of polyester or polyethylene are designed to absorb and deflect some sound waves. For homes with a recording studio or an entertainment room, acoustic foam can be fastened to the space’s walls, ceilings, doors and other openings to lock out sounds or control noise levels within the space itself.

Jeeps, tanks and other similar types of vehicles can produce a significant amount of noise. Insulation materials are installed to protect the ears of the soldiers and military personnel.  It is used to dampen the sound coming from the engine and outside environment.

Closed cell acoustic foams are more commonly used in underwater vehicles than land cars.

2. Thermal insulation

Polyethylene foams have a number of other desirable properties. Sheets and planks feature anti-static and flame retardant properties.

In homes, thermal insulation materials are used to fill up the cavities in between the walls and the roof. This prevents the heat from escaping. Keeping the heat allows homeowners to save on energy costs, especially during the cold winter months.

In military vehicles, polyethylene in particular is used as thermal insulation to protect soldiers from heat producing engines.. Engines can get very hot. By using this material, the heat is deflected away from the vehicle’s cab compartment.

Fireproof rubber is another popular thermal material used in home construction and military equipment. In homes, recycled rubber tiles are labelled as Class A roofing material. Its fire retardant properties can protect the home from going up in flames due to lightning strikes or sparks from a neighboring fire. When installed on military vehicles, the material acts as a thermal insulator and a vapor barrier.

Another material that works as an effective thermal insulator is silicone. Silicone has the ability to resist high temperatures. The material is also effective in dousing firestocks.

3. Vibration dampers

Most, if not all, appliances, equipment and devices produce some level of vibration. The amount of vibration a device produces varies from one model to another. Too much vibration can cause the parts to quickly wear out. As a result, the device may produce louder sounds than it is designed to. Over time, it may work more slowly or stop altogether.

Some electronics have a built in vibration damper to protect the internal parts from premature damage due to the vibrations produced by the device. The damper absorbs and redirects the vibrations and shocks. Computers are examples of devices that have built in dampers.

In military vehicles, dampers function as shock absorbers. They can be found in floor matting inside military vehicles. Built in vibration dampers protect the personnel inside the vehicle from shocks, blast waves and other types of vibrations caused by Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

4. Composites

Composites include two or more materials that have different physical and chemical properties.

The goal is to create a material that includes all of the desirable features of different materials or one that is more superior. In homes, composites have a variety of uses.  It is used in bath tubs and shower stalls, window frames, doors and decking.

This material also holds a lot of potential in military applications. Compared to steel, composites are stronger but lighter. They are resistant to corrosion and have an infinite fatigue life.

There are composites that dampen vibrations and provide thermal and acoustic insulation.  Research is being conducted on using composites on watercraft, uniforms for soldiers and the armor on military vehicles.

Other applications for composites include:

  • Containers for missiles
  • Panels for radar equipment
  • Avionic racking and cabinets
  • Floor tiles and matting
  • Boxes used to transport goods
  • Doors and covers
  • Sensor probes
  • Spall liners
  • Add-on armor
  • Protection for gunners, weapon stations and optronic equipment
  • Defense against landmines
  • Thermal-proof panel

And there you have it, the different applications of materials in the home and the military. These materials may appear ordinary, but because of how they react to heat, noise and vibrations, their applications can be used in residential spaces and beyond.


Miles Chambers

Senior International Business Development and Sales Manager, NIMR Automotive LLC

Miles Chambers joined NIMR Automotive in October 2016 as Senior International Business Development and Sales Manager. In this capacity, Miles oversees NIMR Automotive’s expansion to Global markets, particularly into Europe and Southeast Asia. In addition to his responsibilities at NIMR Automotive, Miles is the Chairman of the Azerbaijan-South Africa Chamber of Commerce.


Winter-Ready: Tips to Prevent Rust This Coming Winter

Car maintenance can cost a pretty penny. Things feel worse when you know that some of the issues your car is going through could have been prevented like the ones linked to weather. The following are some weather-related problems you need to pay attention to and try to prevent.

Rust is Your Enemy

One major issue many have to deal with is rust, and it can affect your car in many different ways. For one, it can attack the exterior of your car, creating a pretty visible discoloration or even gaping holes. Furthermore, it can also create problems on the undercarriage of your car, which could affect things like your fuel lines.

The following are a few ways you can prevent some of these issues:


The road is constantly treated during the winter with a deicing solution. This solution ends up touching the metal on the exterior of your car, which leads to rust. You want to make sure that this does not happen, so it is vital that you clean your car as soon as you can, or just avoid driving it during the winter as much as possible.


Remember that salt from the road? Well, it can affect the undercarriage of your car, too. What is worse is that this area of the vehicle is often overlooked. You might clean your car but forget to deal with the undercarriage, which is important. Do your best to ensure this area is treated whenever you drive in the snow; just to make sure there is no danger of rust forming.


Rust can be created from the inside, too, whenever you step into the car with your snowy boots. Your boots can have some of the solution that damages metal, which you are letting into your car. The solution will seep through the carpets and start to damage your car from the inside out. This is the reason you need something like Weathertech floor mats to help prevent this from happening. You cannot do much about the solution sticking to your shoes, but this prevents the snow and moisture from seeping through your carpets.

Being Unprepared

Another issue is that some drivers do not prepare for the winter. You need to wash your car before the winter hits. You need to also apply protective layers to the car’s paint and the car’s undercarriage before the winter comes. Trying to do this beforehand can significantly reduce the chances of you ever dealing with rust. Rust is hard to repair if its overlooked for too long and can severely lower the value of your car.

These are just some of the things you have to worry about during the winter and some of the ways that you can resolve them. Of course, there may be more to do, and you can talk to your mechanic about that just in case you are missing something. You don’t want to leave your car in a vulnerable position.

Have A Look On The Must-Have Car Accessories You Can Buy

After buying the car, you can choose various aftermarket car accessories that you can purchase for your vehicle. Whether it is the car light or any device that helps in providing the security for you, the accessories are of great help. There are various types of accessories available in the market that you can buy for your vehicle. These accessories not only enhance your driving capabilities but also give a better experience. Here are some of the popular accessories that you can buy for your new car-

  1. Electric car tyre air pump compressor & puncture kit

Maintaining the pressure inside the car is very important as it has held the entire weight of the car. the tyre can leak in the middle of the road and there can be the problem if you do not get the possibility to inflate it again. So, you can carry the electric pump with you so that you can fill the tyre again on the road. The puncture kit is also important to repair the puncture problems.

  1. Car mobile holder having suction cup

Everyone carries the phone while he or she is in the car. But, it is very bad to drive while you are calling or receiving a call. Even, you may find difficult to choose a place inside the car to keep your mobile phone. So, it is better that you buy a car mobile holder with the suction pump where you can keep the phone and it will not fall down.

  1. Buy a car cover

It is one of the most important accessories that you can buy after buying the vehicle. There are various types of car covers available. You can buy the universal one that fits all type of car or go for the customized one that is only made for your vehicle. You can buy the car covers from a reliable online hub as well.

  1. Car vacuum cleaner and duster

These accessories are very important to keep the car clean. The small car vacuum cleaner is vital to clean the dust particles inside the car and the duster is used for cleaning the car externally.

These 4 items should be included in your must-have list.


5 Milan how to rent a luxury car

Looking to visit one of the best cities in the world in style? Renting a luxury car in Milan is the most ideal approach to see this extraordinary flourishing city. Milan is the second biggest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy. It is the primary industry, monetary and business centre in Italy.

Lease a luxury car in Milan and drive in style while dousing up this wonderful city. If you are into fashion, Milan is the perfect place to visit. Fashion rules Milan with Milan Fashion Week and the Milan Furniture Fair. Alongside New York, London and Paris, Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world with Gucci, Armani, Prada, and more popular houses all having central command here. With Milan Fashion Week happening twice per year it would seem that Milan will keep on being a defining power in what is chic! And if you prefer to go out, Milan boasts some of the best clubs in the country. If you’re a foodie, don’t forget to check out one of many Milan’s amazing restaurants which serve both traditional Italian cuisine as well as dishes from around the world.

And if you really want to travel around Milan in comfort and style, you don’t have to wonder how to rent a luxury car in Milan! All of our cars are high-quality and offer great dynamics, and renting one with us is never a hassle. So grab this unique opportunity to have a trip of a lifetime – rent a luxury car in Milan!

Velour vs. Faux Leather: Which Style Fits You Best?

If you are choosing the next car seat covers for your vehicle, it’s important to consider what the materials they are made from might say about your style. There are two main car seat materials used in today’s seat covers, and they are velour and faux leather. While they will both do a great job protecting your original upholstery while adding style and comfort to your drive, they each make a different impression on people who see them.

Faux Leather Seat Covers

Velour seat covers used to be known as the more colorful selection, but today’s faux leather covers give them a run for their money, with color varieties and unique patterns that use today’s manufacturing methods and the limitless ability to work with the material coloring as faux leather is manufactured to deliver striking looks that even real leather can’t achieve. Faux leather’s main selling benefits are:

  • Gain the texture of leather without the cost and maintenance
  • Water repellent
  • Elastic
  • Smooth finish

The appeal of faux leather works particularly well when it is in counterpoint to another material, especially fabric. That makes it a great choice if you are driving a vehicle that has upholstered door interiors. It also complements wood interiors very well.

Velour Seat Covers

Velour provides a kind of luxurious softness that few other materials can mimic, which makes it a great counter to the options offered by faux leather seat covers. Check out your velour options if you are looking for something:

  • That screams comfort
  • That can have any print or design
  • That will be warm in the winter
  • That will not be sticky in the heat of the summer
  • That has a fluffy texture under you


There are strong reasons to go with each seat cover, but in the end it is about personal style. What is going to be the most comfortable choice you can make for your vehicle? And does it give you the curb appeal you want?

The Truth About How Much Auto Insurance You Need

Very few people can say they have never been involved in an accident at some point in their lives, so chances are you will be utilizing your car insurance policy at some point in your driving career. The purpose of an automobile insurance policy is to protect you from being personally liable in the event you cause an accident. In most cases, it does the job and provides enough coverage for the loss. However, in some cases, depending on the coverage you chose at the time you purchased the policy, the coverage you have been paying for may not be enough. Here are some important things to consider when deciding how much coverage you need.

1. How much coverage do I need for my own vehicle? 


In most states, if you own your vehicle outright, you can decide if you want to carry comprehensive and/or collision coverage to protect your vehicle if it is involved in a loss. You can also just choose to carry coverage for damages or injuries you cause to other vehicles or people (what is referred to as a liability only policy). The best rule of thumb: If your car was totaled and you could not afford to replace it, opt carry comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle, unless the cost outweighs the value of the vehicle.

2. How much property damage coverage do I need? 


If you cause damage to someone else’s vehicle or property and do not have enough coverage to take care of all the damages, you can be held personally responsible for the difference. Some states, like New Jersey, only require $5,000 in property damage coverage. Keep in mind the average new vehicle costs about $25,000. If you total one vehicle, you could be in big trouble. More is better when it comes to property damage coverage. Aim for at least $50,000 in coverage to ensure you are adequately protected.

3. How much injury coverage should I carry? 


There are two types of injury coverage in most states. There is bodily injury coverage, which will provide protection for pain and suffering claims, should you cause injury to another person as a result of an accident. There is also what’s called SUM (supplementary uninsured/underinsured) coverage. This is coverage for yourself or another insured person on your policy, should someone cause you injury and not have enough, or potentially any, coverage at all to allow for your pain and suffering claim. When choosing the amount of coverage you need, remember, the minimum is usually not enough. The most popular choice here for both bodily injury and SUM coverage is $100k/$300k.

Remember, it just takes one unfortunate turn of events to potentially cause financial devastation in your personal life. That is why it is so important that you get the facts about what each available coverage means up front before choosing your automobile policy. Although choosing the least expensive policy may seem like the most appealing option to you, it is important to keep in mind that this can cost you handsomely down the road.


Benefits of Bluetooth headsets

Bike riding make people feel open and free of everything. People who ride bikes travel like birds fighting with the air and speed. Bike riding is the most exiting sport and people who love adventure and thrill get involved in this sport. Some people like to have their life partners and friends when they travel to win the world on their bikes. They want to share their thoughts and ideas with their partners while they are riding but the wind and speed make it very hard for two people to talk when they are on a bike. In addition, the use of helmet makes things more difficult for them. The manufacturer understands this problem and that is why they have made Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.

The Bluetooth have been added to the Full Face Helmets and other helmets to make it easier for the rider to remain connected with the partner and the other world while he is traveling and riding his bike. Bluetooth can be added to the helmet very easily but there are also helmets available, which already have Bluetooth installed so people can purchase those helmets too. It is the most advanced technology.

Through a Bluetooth device present in the helmet people can talk to other riders who are but that is possible if the rider is at a limited distance. Some bikers nowadays also have installed mp3 systems, the Bluetooth can be attached to those systems, and the rider can listen songs with a very clear sound.

There are some things, people need to consider while purchasing a helmet with Bluetooth device. First thing is that the Bluetooth should be of recent and most updated technology so it can connect with most recent device. If people are purchasing a Bluetooth to install with the helmet, they should make sure that the device they are purchasing would be attached to every type of helmet.

There are two types of helmets available in the market open face and full face. The mouthpiece of the Bluetooth should be convertible so it can attach to both kinds of helmets. Many people prefer helmets, which have preinstalled Bluetooth devices. These types of helmets are easily available in the market and there is no need to be worried about any kind of installation or compatibility of the device and the helmet.

These types of helmets also provide safety because it gives leverage to the rider to talk to other people without getting disturbed and he can use both hands and no need to turn around to understand what his partner is saying. All these things decrease the chances of accidents and bike getting out of control. Because of the increase in the number of bike accidents, manufactures are making all these things make things easier for riders, so they can enjoy their hobby fully and without any tension of getting hurt but it is still the responsibility of the rider to be careful and to keep other people safe.

Benefits of the tinted car glass invention

If you are not an enthusiast of tinted windows for Cars, you unquestionably need to peruse this article. You would be astounded to realize that tinted windows are really a standout amongst the most critical Car decoration. Indeed, it would term tinted windows as a Car need.

Tinted windows/Glasses are jazzy and there is no scrutinizing that reality. Diverse shades of tint make your Car all the more engaging and eye getting. But, aside from adding style to your vehicle, they do a so many more. We should talk about somewhat about what Tinted Glasses or Tinted Windows mean and how they are worthwhile for your Car.

Windows are tinted by applying a colored or shaded small scale film covering to the inside of the Glass surface. Normally the thin film is produced using heat dismissing material and offers insurance from daylight, UV-Rays, Infrared Rays and different types of radiation. A straightforward film covering likewise does likewise work yet it may not be named as a “tint” since it is dismal.

You may be intrigued to realize that a security film might be connected to the Glass as an extra covering that keeps it from shattering. This is a valuable wellbeing highlight that keeps Car tenants from destructive wounds because of scrambling Glass in Car accidents.

Back to our subject, tinted windows can be a gift for you and your Car’s insides. Sounds clever yet great quality film covering if connected professionally can spare your Car’s insides and its inhabitants from a ton of damage because of sun’s warmth.

Drawn out periods in the sun can break down your Car insides including trims, plastic moldings, upholstery and seat covers. If you have those favor cowhide insides, you should be more Careful on the grounds that consistent introduction to warmth can incite weathering in calfskin materials that may in the long run bring about splitting and blurring of surfaces. Likewise, a Car with calfskin situate covers stopped in the sun is sufficient to cause genuine consumes if you sit inside without enabling it to cool.

Aside from guarding the security of the tenants, tinted Glasses stay away from break-ins and robberies since hooligans can’t see inside your vehicle to know whether there are any things inside worth taking.

Tinted Glasses keep your Car-lodge cool and subsequently stay away from the requirement for consistent utilization of ventilation system while you drive. As you would know, less utilization of aeration and cooling system implies more fuel proficiency. Additionally, tinted mirrors keep up better than average solace levels inside the Car-lodge by keeping hurtful warmth from entering inside. It encourages you focus out and about as opposed to huffing and puffing about the climate.

Tinted Glasses can keep your skin from hurtful impacts of sun’s warmth and radiations. If your skin is photograph delicate, tinted windows are a flat out must for you. Tinted windows additionally keep you from any glare exuding from roadside objects making your drive more secure.

Invest in great quality window film or tinted Glasses from a reputed place like can be an incredible choice that may spare you from a considerable measure of unnecessary consumption later. Pick your tint level as indicated by the laws and directions in your state and your own comfort levels. A few tints are excessively dull and disable appropriate vision while driving in low-light conditions.


  Benefits of Renting a Mercedes Sprinter RV


When planning a family road trip or camping excursion, the vehicle that’ll take you there is as important as the journey you lay out. Picking the right RV can seem daunting for someone unfamiliar with them, but Mercedes Sprinter RV rentals present an easy and appealing option. Many rentals and dealers offer customized campers based on converted Sprinters, and you can expect a quality getaway in one.

Easy to Drive

Mercedes vehicles offer a smooth and pleasant ride, and the Sprinter is no exception. These RVs glide down the highway, cruising so easily you won’t even wake any sleeping passengers. In parks and towns, the Sprinter is nimble and handles exceptionally for a vehicle its size, so you don’t have to worry for safety when making a rest stop. Most dealerships will let you take the RV for a test drive before you make a decision, allowing you to verify the vehicle’s capabilities.

Some luxury Mercedes Sprinter rentals have a higher gas mileage than the base model, as well. The standard is a modest 18 mpg, but some dealers let you enjoy a more fuel-efficient drive, which means less time and money spent at the tank, and more time making memories in nature and on the road.

Travel in Comfort and Style

Already spacious enough in its original form, Mercedes Sprinter RV rentals feature expanded and renovated interiors to take the comforts of home with you on the open road. A living area with room to relax, a dining space featuring the essentials for preparing meals away from home, and even a restroom so you don’t have to stop for bathroom breaks – these are just some of the features that you can expect from a Sprinter rental. You can even find seating that converts to a fold-out bed, so you and your family can get a good night’s sleep anywhere.

Luxury Conversion Features

Luxury Mercedes Sprinter rentals can offer even more with the right conversions. Each model adds something new so you can find the one that’s perfect for you and your family. One example of an exclusive feature that’s worth seeking out is a sliding door that opens up the RV’s interior. The additional space this offers, along with the wide view, is perfect for camping – eat and relax in comfort and style while enjoying a scenic display and feeling the openness of the outdoors. Other appealing additions include expanded lounges, decked out baths and showers, and on-board entertainment systems with TVs and quality sound systems to keep the kids entertained on the highway.

Try Before You Buy

One often unspoken aspect of Mercedes Sprinter RV rentals is the “try before you buy” concept. For the adventurous families that make road trips a regular part of their vacations, buying an RV may be worth considering. A rental lets you experience what the Sprinter has to offer so you can make a more informed decision on purchasing one. Many of the converted models on the market can also be found both as rentals and as long-term purchases.

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