Five Truck Businesses Worth Investing In

For anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, there are no limits on what you can do to build a successful business. The world is, quite literally, your oyster. In many cases, you don’t need any specialist equipment apart from a computer and a telephone. For some businesses, however, a truck is essential. In this article, we are going to take a look at five different businesses where a truck is handy to have.

Mobile Food Truck

Mobile food trucks are extremely popular and a lucrative business venture if you have an interest in catering to the masses. The great thing about a mobile food truck is that you are not limited by geography. You can move where the clientele is, so if there is a festival in the next state, rent a spot and flip burgers for three days. Before you invest, however, explore the type of food you want to cook and buy a truck that has the right equipment pre-installed.


Some people prefer doing their own removals, but there are others who don’t have the time or the inclination to shift heavy furniture. To offer your services as a removal agent, you will need a fairly large truck with a tail lift. As the business grows, invest in other trucks and branch out into other areas such as commercial removals. It’s a lucrative business!

Goods Haulage

Goods haulage covers a multitude of different areas, from food and livestock to specialist goods such as medical supplies. If you work as an independent driver, you will need your own truck. In the beginning, you can drive, but as the business grows, you can hire other drivers whilst retaining all the profit. For those who would rather manage than drive, setting up a fleet of contract drivers is the best solution.

Restroom Trucks

Someone has to service the millions of portable restrooms on construction sites. If you elect to go into business in this niche, you will need a specialist truck with hoses, waste storage, and easy-access controls. Check out the inventory from Satellite TruckXpress to find your perfect vehicle. If you can’t see a truck that fits your needs, have a custom vehicle built to your exact specifications.

Boat Transport

Boat transport may not be the most obvious business opportunity, but if you live near the coast or a major body of water, it could be an extremely profitable venture. Boat owners often have to transport their boats between storage facilities and the water. Since it isn’t cost effective to own a truck capable of transporting a boat, they hire someone to do the job. This is where you come in. With the right type of truck, transporting boats is an easy job. However, before you invest, think about the types of boats you want to transport, as different boats require different trucks.

Trucks are a big-ticket investment, so consider buying a second-hand truck or leasing one to start with. This should help you keep your startup costs to a minimum.

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